VASCI, CNS and UMass Scholarship Information

The Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is pleased to offer ten scholarships. These scholarships are intended to recognize the dedication, diligence and academic success of our students, as well as assist them with the expense of their education.  These scholarships are generously funded by VASCI alumni and members of the VASCI community.

The Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department Scholarships Applications are due at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Please bring completed applications to 427Z Integrated Sciences Building. Make sure the application is complete with the typewritten letter attached and placed in a sealed envelope. Decisions will be mailed to students in the early fall.

Veterinary & Animal Sciences Scholarship Descriptions

2017-2018 Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Scholarship Application (PDF)

Additional scholarships are also available through the College of Natural Sciences and the University of Massachusetts:
CNS Scholarships and UMass Scholarships

Office of National Scholarship Advisement - ONSA helps eligible students—including UMass Amherst undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni not currently attending another graduate school—find and apply for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. ONSA provides free advice and professional guidance throughout the application process and offers informational events, writing workshops, and other assistance during the year. ONSA also assists undergraduate students in applying for a set of highly selective university scholarships.

The Peter K. Hepler Research Scholarship supports undergraduate research on a biological question in a laboratory or field setting outside of the United States.  Funds can be used to support travel, lodging, food, equipment and supplies. The deadline for applications is March 16, 2017. Applicants must: be UMass students in good standing in a College of Natural Sciences major, identify a Research Mentor, submit an application, research plan, transcript, and 2 letters of support.