Contract for Practicum

Department Practicum (298/398/498) – Practica usually take place off-campus under the sponsorship of a faculty member for credit. Normally, a 3 credit practicum would consist of working about nine hours per week for the entire Spring or Fall semester (14 weeks). Departmental practica are limited to 3 credits per semester and are graded on a pass/fail basis. Register through

Summer Practicum (298) –   Summer practicums must be registered for through the Continuing and Professional Education Office. A summer practicum of 4 pass/fail credits and consists of working 8-10 weeks, 40 hours/week. Maximum of 15 credits allowed. The student submits a written report to the faculty sponsor. Most faculty sponsors require that a journal of activities be kept and that the final report integrates both the work and learning experiences into an overall evaluation.