Undergraduate Forms

There are three main sections to this page: Helpful Worksheets & Information, Paper Forms, and Web Forms. Course requirement checklists for Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary majors as well as information for applying to veterinary school can be found in the Helpful Worksheets & Information section below. Academic forms that need to be printed on paper and signed are listed under Paper Forms.

University of Massachusetts Amherst Academic Calendar 2019-2020

Biotechnology Research Contract

Please complete this electronic contract with a faculty sponsor. Faculty sponsor may email the completed contract to mschneider [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu (Mary Schneider) to enroll student. Alternatively, student may bring the completed, signed paper copy of the contract to 427Z ISB to be enrolled.

ANIMLSCI 291C - Biotech Research -Cell & Molec I         1 credit
ANIMLSCI 291M - Biotech Research-Animal Models I      1 credit
ANIMLSCI 391C - Biotech Research-Cell & Molec II         2 credits
ANIMLSCI 391M - Biotech Research-Animal Models II     2 credits
ANIMLSCI 491C - Biotech Research-Cell & Molec III        3 credits
ANIMLSCI 491M - Biotech Research-Animal Models III    3 credits

Internships and Practica  - should be registered as ANIMLSCI 298, 398 or 498 through

To access your UMass Handshake account

1. Go to: https://umass.joinhandshake.com - Handshake has a great help center full of Questions and Answers, short videos, and materials to help you find your way.
2. Click on the blue button
3. Log in with your UMass single sign-on (SSO) username (Net ID) and password
4. Once you are logged in, go to the Career Center tab at the top
5. Pull down “Experiences” from this menu
6. Click “Request an Experience” on the top right, and fill-in the appropriate contract details

1 credit = 3 hours per week. There must be an academic product - usually a journal documenting hours worked and lessons learned that must be submitted to your faculty sponsor at the end of the semester. The University provides liability insurance which is often required by employers. Students can participate in Internships and Practica during the academic semesters (no extra charge) or during the summer (~$250 per credit). After the form as been submitted through Handshake, your faculty sponsor will receive an email asking for approval. The form is then forwarded to a VASCI (academic year) or CPE (summer) staff member who will enroll you.

Independent Study

Most independent research will now be registered through a Biotechnology Research Contract. Please see the course descriptions above and use the Biotechnology Research Contract.

ANIMLSCI 296, 396 and 496 courses may be taken under the direct supervision of a UMass faculty sponsor and may be used for literature or data review and analysis or other projects of that do not fit in the ’91 Biotechnology Research course structure. A letter grade and course title “Independent study” is listed on the student’s transcript. ANIMLSCI 596 is a graduate-level course; generally this level is used by upper level undergraduates but can be used by beginning graduate students. Products to be generated in the 296, 396 and 496 courses are determined by the sponsoring faculty and agreed to by the student. Examples of appropriate independent study outputs include: papers, posters, oral reports or a portfolio of work. A 1 credit independent study course averages 3 hours of work per week over 15 weeks of the fall or spring semester, or 45 hours total per semester. Credits may vary from 1 to 6, or 3 (1 credit) to 18 (6 credits) hours of work per week. Faculty Sponsor may email the completed Independent Study Form to mschneider [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu (Mary Schneider)  to enroll student. Alternatively, student may bring the completed, signed Independent Study Form to 427Z ISB to be enrolled.

Helpful Worksheets & Information

Paper Forms

Petition to Substitute a course for a Major Requirement

If you would like to substitute a course for a required course, please complete and submit this form. Please email the completed form to lwest0 [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu. Your petition request will be reviewed and voted upon by the department Curriculum Committee.  Please include your email address on the Petition to Substitute a Required Course form.  Curriculum Committee decisions will be sent to the student at the email address provided on the Petition to Substitute a Required Course form.

PETITION to substitute an upper-level science elective for Animal Science 101

If you would like to substitute a upper-level science elective (i.e. class number greater than or equal to 300) course for Animal Science 101, please complete the form and return the completed form to lwest0 [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu or ISB 427X.  This form will be reviewed by a member of the VASCI Curriculum Committee.