Morgane Golan

Morgane Golan (2020) is a Commonwealth Honors College student pursuing a B.S. in pre-veterinary science. She chose UMass Amherst because of the abundance of opportunity afforded to students here. She was also drawn to the VASCI program for its high veterinary school acceptance rate, incredible faculty and warm, close-knit community.

Morgane is interested in a joint DVM/PhD program following her graduation from UMass, as a means by which to integrate her passions for animal care and innovative research. Following this education, she aspires to practice as an international veterinarian, in order to improve animal welfare on a global scale, through trap-neuter-release initiatives, public education and collaborative research. In addition to conducting novel research, Morgane would like to become a professor at a veterinary school.

In her freshman year, Morgane developed an independent study project through the honors college. This project was focused on characterizing the relationship between several Spanish-speaking cultures and the role/value of animals in their society. To supplement her library research, she interviewed representatives of the veterinary industry from each of these countries, in Spanish.

In the fall of her sophomore year, Morgane joined the Poultry Management team, because she had never worked with birds before and wanted to learn more about chickens. That semester, she was titled the grand champion of the poultry show, and the following semester she ranked first in class. Morgane waits in anticipation of the day that she can have her own backyard flock. She is now a TA for the course, primarily handling student and class operations. Morgane enjoys teaching students about poultry health, and designing fun lesson plans and activities. Morgane is also a TA for the animal anatomy and physiology course, for which she designs reviews for students and assists in labs. In these TA positions, Morgane has come to find that she loves teaching and sharing her excitement for science with students, and would like to become a professor.

In the spring of her sophomore year, Morgane was accepted into the prestigious Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, as an applicant to the early acceptance program for sophomores. Additionally, she became a student representative for the VASCI department. Morgane is a part of the recruitment team, and assists in information sessions and tours for prospective students, and tables for the department at open house events. Morgane is a mentor in the department’s peer mentorship program, and acts as a resource to incoming freshmen and transfer students. Morgane enjoys being a peer mentor, because she helps students develop effective study habits and time management skills, and advises them regarding classes and opportunities. She is also a member of the VASCI Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, as well as the College of Natural Science Student Leadership Committee. These committee roles allow Morgane to represent her peers in the department, as well as the undergraduate body as a whole. She communicates with students and faculty to improve the campus climate and promote student outreach initiatives.

Just before her spring of sophomore year, Morgane joined the Cui lab, so she could become involved in animal research. Since January 2018, she has been learning the techniques associated with mouse embryo culture and genotyping. In this time she has contributed to several research projects in the Cui lab. She has also worked with other research groups on campus, as a liaison for the Animal Models Core. In the summer of 2018, Morgane was awarded the Lee Science Impact Program Fellowship. This entailed 10 weeks of independent research in the Cui lab and culminated in a poster colloquium. Morgane developed a pioneer study to assess mammalian embryo proliferation, using EdU Labeling to Assess Cellular Proliferation of Mouse Blastocyst Embryos. Morgane presented her research to her peers and the scientific community of UMass.

At the beginning of 2019, Morgane was published as a coauthor in the Journal of Reproduction. She conducted genotyping and research for a study entitled, Med20 is essential for early embryogenesis and regulates Nanog expression. Morgane is continuing to work on multiple projects in the lab through the summer before her senior year, and looks forward to completing her honors thesis in the Cui lab. Morgane encourages every student to try their hand at research, since the breadth of the laboratories on campus guarantee that everyone can find something that speaks to them.

Morgane is grateful to her professors and peers in the department for their continued support. She is so glad to have chosen UMass Amherst to be her home for 4 years, and looks forward to matriculating to an equally wonderful veterinary school.