Emily Mann

Emily Mann (’17) is currently pursuing a B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Science. Emily’s extra-curricular activities include Division 1 Rowing at UMass. Training and competing for the Women’s Rowing team takes up a large part of her life during school. She feels that she has strengthened her time management skills by having to balance a 30-hour per week demanding training and racing schedule with a full academic course load. In addition, Emily has been a Teaching Assistant for Techniques in Veterinary Nursing and for the Animal Nutrition and Feeding course. Emily also competed in six triathlons during the summer of 2016 while completing her applications for vet school.

Throughout her career here at UMass she has felt very supported by her professors and the animal science department. Emily says “I was very thankful that I made such strong relationships with many of my professors and my advisor during my first two years because I know I can go to them for anything and they were all willing to write my letters of recommendation for vet school. My one hint for freshman is to go to your professors office hours because that is where you have the opportunity to not only get help but to have one on one conversations with them and it could be the start of a great relationship, which definitely helps in the long run.”

A highlight of her undergraduate experience was being the surgical intern at Riverbend Animal Hospital. Here she was responsible for administering intravenous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous injections as well as blood draws. Postoperatively, she performed laser therapy on certain dogs and cats to accelerate their healing. During recovery she assessed each patient’s rectal temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and capillary refill time. She was then responsible for entering their vitals into the database. This internship solidified her desire to be a small animal surgeon. After completing a semester as a surgical intern she was offered a position as the veterinary surgeon’s assistant. She assisted the veterinarian during surgery consultations by properly restraining animals for full examination, assessing their vitals and writing up notes during and after appointments. During surgery, Emily was responsible for performing sterile handoffs of the surgical instruments and retrieving extra materials during surgery such as saline, scalpels or extra surgical suture.

During her sophomore year, Emily was interested in expanding her knowledge of science beyond the classroom. She investigated the incredible research being done at UMass and after being accepted for a position in Dr. Osborne’s Immunology Lab, Emily began studying antigen recognition by T cells using splenic mouse cells. She has continued working with two post-doctoral fellows assisting them with their research projects.

Emily has volunteered at the Ringtail Ranch and Rescue Animal Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada which is an animal rescue that shelters exotics. The rescue is home to many species including: lemurs, monkeys, lynx, kangaroos, a water buffalo, a coatimundi, fawns, foxes, donkeys, pigs and horses. She spent time caring for and socializing the animals and educating people about exotic animals and why they shouldn’t be removed from the wild to become pets. Emily also spent time volunteering at the Lincoln County Humane Society in Ontario, Canada. There she worked with adult, antisocial cats to increase their comfort level with humans and provide exercise. She tracked positive changes in behaviour and monitored any changes in the cat’s overall health and wellbeing. This therapy, along with diligent grooming, made these cats much stronger candidates for adoption. This experience gave Emily the opportunity to work with timid and distrustful animals, which will help her when she is a practicing veterinarian. Emily has also volunteered at Urban Wildlife Care in Ontario, Canada; there, she monitored over 100 animals daily, including: raccoons, squirrels, beavers, skunks, birds, rabbits, and possums. In order to nurse these animals back to health she was responsible for administering vaccinations and medications to the wildlife.

Emily plans to attend vet school after graduation (entering fall 2017) and eventually work as a veterinarian in a small animal practice specializing in orthopedic surgery. Emily has a passion and love for companion animals, having 4 cats and 2 dogs of her own. She is a “people person” with strong communication skills, which is a huge part of being a successful small animal veterinarian.