Student Advising

University of Massachusetts Academic Calendar 2017-2019

Registration Schedule for the Fall 2018 semester

Seniors (87 credits and above)     Monday, April 2 & Tuesday, April 3
Juniors (57 – 86 credits)              Thursday, April 5 & Friday, April 6
Sophomores (27 – 56 credits)      Monday, April 9 & Tuesday, April 10
Freshmen (26 credits and below)  Thursday, April 12

The Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences requires students to meet with their academic faculty advisor during the Fall/Spring pre-registration periods. Prior to meeting with your advisor, please review your academic advising report in SPIRE for accuracy and be prepared with any questions you have regarding academic/career goals and your plan of study for the next semester. Your questions and plans will help your advisor to suggest the most appropriate courses, independent study and practica opportunities available to you. Upon completion of your advising appointment, your advisor will remove your registration hold, allowing you to register for classes when your enrollment appointment begins. If you are unfamiliar with who your academic advisor is, please check in the lower right corner of your student center on SPIRE.  If you do not have an advisor assigned please contact lwest0 [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu (Lisa West).

Registering for Classes FAQs  please click on this link to view the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. The SPIRE course catalog will be updated as of April 2, 2017.

Advisors listed in Table 1 require that students sign up for advising appointments through SSC. Students will receive an email from their advisor.

Advisors listed in Table 2 require that students sign up for advising appointments on a sign-up sheet located outside of the advisor’s office.  Please go to your advisor’s office and sign up for your advising appointment. 

  Table 1 - Online Sign-up


  Office Location

  Dom Alfandari

  427B Integrated Sciences Building

  Kathleen Arcaro

  N529 Life Sciences Laboratories

  Cynthia Baldwin

  427E Integrated Sciences Building

  Hélène Cousin

  427N Integrated Sciences Building

  Rafael Fissore

  427A Integrated Sciences Building

  Joe Jerry

  427P Integrated Sciences Building

  Leonid Pobezinsky

  427J Integrated Sciences Building

  Janice Telfer

  427D Integrated Sciences Building


Table 2 - Office Sign-up


   Office Location

  John Balise

  427U Integrated Sciences Building

  Samuel Black

  427G  Integrated Sciences Building

  Carlos Gradil

  427Q Integrated Sciences Building

  Mark Huyler

  427T Integrated Sciences Building

  Jesse Mager

  427M Integrated Sciences Building

  Lisa Minter

  427K Integrated Sciences Building

  Barbara Osborne

  427F Integrated Sciences Building

  Kimberly Tremblay

  427C Integrated Sciences Building


If Dr. Beltaire (427ZZ Integrated Sciences Building) is your advisor, please complete the doodle poll that she e-mailed you to schedule your advising appointment.

If Dr. Clark (N311A Morrill 1) is your advisor, please email him at jclark [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu to schedule an appointment.

If Dr. Petersen  (N231 Life Sciences Laboratories) is your advisor, please email her at spetersen [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu to schedule an appointment.

If Dr. Visconti (427V Integrated Sciences Building ) is your advisor, please email him at pvisconti [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu to schedule an appointment.


These Checklists can be downloaded and used to assist students in their academic planning.







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