Winter Traveling Dairy Management Class

The Winter Traveling Dairy Management class is an opportunity for students within the UMass Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences to tour dairy farms and dairy-related businesses with students and faculty from the six participating New England universities.  Students spend a week in early January touring in varying sections of the United States and Canada. While all dairy producers are in the business of producing milk, each does it in a way that is unique to the region and to the individual farm. Students learn first hand about the challenges that dairy producers face. The 2016 Dairy Travel Course (1credit P/F) visited Stonyvale Farm in Exeter, Maine, Northern Exposure Farm (sheep dairy) in Holden, Maine, Seal Cove Farm (goat dairy) in Lamoine, Maine, Piper Farms in Emden, Maine, Taylor Dairy Farm in St. Albans, Maine, Flood Brothers in Clinton, Maine, Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, Conant Acres Farm in Canton, Maine and the dairy farms at the University of Maine and the University of New Hampshire.

Winter Travelling Dairy 2020 - January 6-10, 2020

Mark Huyler, Ph.D.
mhuyler [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu

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Winter Traveling Dairy Tour 2020 photo

WTD 2020

Winter Traveling Dairy Tour 2020 Schedule

January 6, 2020
    University of New Hampshire Dairy Farm and Organic Dairy

    Highland Farms Inc. - oldest purebred Jersey farm in the US milking about 250 cows

January 7, 2020
    Conant Acres is home to one of the top purebred Holstein herds in the country.
    Hardy Farm -
diversified, organic dairy farm. The farm milks 60 purebred Ayrshires and shows them regionally and nationally.
    Piper Farms - 500-cow freestall farm undergoing a creative, non-family transfer and has an “All In/All Out” dry cow facility.

January 8, 2020
    Stonyvale, Inc. and Exeter Agri-Energy  - 1000-cow Holstein farm uses the waste from this well managed farm in a methane cogeneration facility that generates power for more than 1000 homes.
    University of Maine – J.F. Witter Teaching and Research Center
    Pineland Farms Dairy Company Inc.
, Largest cheese maker in Maine.
    Seal Cove Farm - 120-doe milking goat farm. The milk from this high producing herd is used to make a variety of fresh and aged cheeses that are marketed throughout the Northeast.

January 9, 2020
    Meet with industry leaders:
         Amanda Beal – Maine Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
         Dr. Michele Walsh – Maine State Veterinarian
         Sarah Littlefield – Executive Director – Maine Dairy Promotion Board and Dairy Nutrition Council
         Julie-Marie Bickford – Executive Director – Maine Dairy Industry Association
         Tim Drake – Executive Director – Maine Milk Commission
    Taylor Dairy Farm - The largest Jersey farm in New England milking more than 850 cows.
    Flood Brothers Inc. - The largest dairy farm in Maine milking more than 1,700 cows. The herd is milked three times per day in a 100-cow rotary parlor.

January 10, 2020
    Pineland Farm Inc. - Operated by the Libra Foundation. Excellent 70-cow registered Holstein herd provides a dairy learning environment for the public
    IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. - Worldwide manufacturer of animal disease diagnostic tests for both livestock and companion animals

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Winter Traveling Dairy Tour 2017 photos

WTD group 17

Winter Traveling Dairy 2017 students and advisors from UMass, UNH, UMaine and UConn at the Penn State Dairy.

WTD 17

Dr. Dave Marcinkowski from the University of Maine and students inspect the robotic facility at Mason - Dixon Farm.

Carissa Westrick of Vale Wood Farm touring the group through their processing plant and dairy.

Yvette Longnecker at PennEngland Farm tours the group through the milking parlor.

Students visit with Gay Rogers and her Ayrshires at Hameau Farm in Belleville, P

Students visit with Gay Rogers and her Ayrshires at Hameau Farm in Belleville, Pennsylvania.

WTD 17

The students and faculty enjoy lunch provided by the Kulp Family Dairy as well as Phil’s insight into the dairy industry.

Winter Traveling Dairy Tour 2016 photos

Winter Traveling Dairy 2016 students and advisors from UMass, UNH, UMaine and UConn at Conant Acres Farm in Canton, Maine.

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