Residential Academic Program - RAP

Animal Sciences students from the Class of 2015    The Animal Science RAP is open to all first-year students who have been admitted to the Animal Science major.  Students share their living and learning experience with a community of peers who are all committed to working with animals and engaging in research on campus farms and in animal related research laboratories. Students will live in the Northeast residential area, room with another student in the RAP, and be able to easily connect with classmates for study groups and class projects. The Animal Science RAPs are also First-year seminars with a capacity of just 19 students and are taught in the Mary Lyon House.  By participating, students are enrolled in a unique 1-credit seminar which will introduce them to a range of academic opportunities available through the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department, enhance their academic experience, and promote a successful transition into the University.

The Equine Science Concentration RAP-Horses in a Global Society. Students enrolled in this RAP will live together in  the Northeast residential area and will take a 1-credit seminar course in the fall semester of their first year. Through an interdisciplinary and historical lens, students will delve into the domestication and interdependence of horses and people, the changes and patterns over time, and the resulting implications for the equine industry and the quality of life for horses, people, and the planet.

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