Northeast Student Affiliate (NESA)

The Northeast Student Affiliate (NESA) is the Northeast regional meeting of the Student Affiliate Division (SAD) of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA). The Northeast Regional meeting is held annually during the month of February at a pre-determined “host” school and many Northeastern colleges and universities participate, making for a great gathering of people interested in Animal Science and a wonderful networking opportunity. During the annual NESA meeting, UMass students compete in: livestock judging, a quiz bowl, and paper presentations. There is also a competition in which students who are participating in original undergraduate research present their results. The top scoring schools, and individual teams from each school, go home with awards and bragging rights!

This is a non-credit, school event that many students choose to participate in. These students demonstrate the devotion and dedication of UMass Veterinary & Animal Sciences students to their major and future careers. Students who participate in this group are required to be members of the Veterinary & Animal Sciences Department.

2020-2021 NESA Student Leaders

acdelacruz [at] umass [dot] edu (Anna De la Cruz)

tschmeizer [at] umass [dot] edu (Taylor Schmeizer)

2020-2021 NESA - Faculty Advisor - ncarreiro [at] umass [dot] edu (Nuno Carreiro)

The 2020 Competition took place at the University of New Hampshire on February 15, 2020.

UMass tied with URI for Third Place Overall Institution!

Shannon Canavan placed 5th in livestock judging.

Nicole Neely took seventh place in the research presentation contest with a presentation titled “Taurine deficiency and dilated cardiomyopathy in golden retrievers fed commercial diets”

Team A: Nicole Neely, Leilani Sung, Caitlyn Child, Michelle Milanov placed 9th in the Quiz Bowl Competition
Team B: Abby Cashel, Gina Dinardo, Lexi Henderson, Reilly McNamara placed 6th in the Quiz Bowl Competition
Team C: Anna De La Cruz, Mikayla Diedrick, Shannon Canavan, Rae Simmard placed 4th in the Quiz Bowl Competition

Team B placed 8th in the Overall Team category which takes into account the team’s score in all three categories: livestock judging, quizbowl, and paper presentations.

2019 UMass NESA Team - Third Place Overall Institution!

UMass Team - Taylor Schmeizer, Heather Mischel, Nicole Neely, and Bradley Fowlerwon first place in the quiz bowl competition

Nicole Neely took eighth place in theresearch presentation contest

2017 UMass NESA Team - Second Place Overall Institution!

UMass Team A - Aiden McGrath, Heather Mischel, Reilly McNamara, Mikayla Diedrick - 6th Place Quiz Bowl, 8th Place Team Livestock Judging, 6th Place Overall Team
UMass Team B - Annie Le, Yoonjin Moon, Kyle Rogers, Kaitlyn McGarvey - 2nd Place Team Livestock Judging, 10th Place Overall Team
UMass Team C - Sophia Upton, Abby Cashel, Eddie Wong, Leilani Sung - 3rd Place Quiz Bowl, 8th Place Overall Team
UMass Team D - Abbey Kingston, Emily Jacoboski, Sandra Barzola, Nicole Neely
UMass Team E - Miranda Senft, Bradley Fowler, Katrina Klobucher, Allison Jasa
Annie Le - 3rd Place Independent Research
Nicole Neely - 5th Place Individual Presentation
Kyle Rogers - 10th Place Individual Livestock Judging

2017 team

2017 UMass NESA Team - 50 Ribbons and Second Place Overall!

NESA - North East Student Affiliate 2017

On February 25th UMass competed in the annual NESA competition at the University of Rhode Island. Our 28 students did an amazing job, bringing home Second Place and a total of 50 ribbons, far more than any other school. This wasn’t mere luck; each member spent countless hours in preparation for this event and was ready to dominate! Seniors Paige Mechan and Matt Poe lead the dedicated team and are so proud of each member’s successes. With first place mere points away this year, we have the capability of taking home the trophy next year!

Overall University: #2 UMass
Livestock Judging Individual Awards: #1 Katrina Klobucher  #5 Yoonjin Moon
Team Awards: #4 UMass D  #5 UMass A  #7 UMass B  #8 UMass F
Livestock Judging Teams: #4 UMass B  #10 UMass F
Individual Presentations: #7 Bradley Fowler  #10 Jennifer Finne
Quiz Bowl Teams: #3 UMass A  #5 UMass D  #8 UMass F  #9 UMass C  #10 UMass E

Student Coordinators- Paige Mechan and Matt Poe
UMass Team A- Paige Mechan, Aiden McGrath, Lexi Henderson, Molly McGuigan
UMass Team B- Katrina Klobucher, Matt Poe, Annie Le, Eddie Wong
UMass Team C- Miranda Senft, Yoonjin Moon, Sophia Upton, Kyle Rogers
UMass Team D- Bradley Fowler, Emily Jacoboski, Abbey Kingston, Nicole Neely
UMass Team E- Jennifer Finne, Leilani Sung, Sandra Barzola, Mikayla Diedrick
UMass Team F- Abby Cashel, Heather Mischel, Matt Frey, Reilly McNamara
UMass Team G- Aliza Yaillen, Kaitlyn McGarvey, Heather Baba, Emily Britton

Senior Students

Junior students 2017

Junior Students

sophomore students 2017

Sophomore Students

freshmen students 2017

Freshmen Students

Livestock judging 2017

Livestock Judging


NESA - North East Student Affiliate 2016

The University of Connecticut hosted the 2016 annual competition February 5-6th.
Twenty UMass students competed and took home the 5th place overall institution ribbon.

Katrina Klobucher 4th place Individual Livestock Judging

Presenters - Sabryna Whitman, Kaitlyn Benjamin, Sarah Paquette - 5th place award winner, Kendra Anderson and Matthew Poe

8th place Livestock Judging Team: Team B - Katrina Klobucher, Miranda Senft, Sabryna Whitman, Holly Sullivan

Team A - Kendra Anderson, Paige Mechan, Courtney Babcock, Annie Le

Team C - Sophia Upton, Matt Poe, Arynn Mundorf, Abbey Kingston

Team D - Sandra Barzola, Kaitlyn Benjamin, Yoonjin Moon, Aiden McGrath

Team E - Sarah Paquette, Sarah Ferruggiaro, Emily Jacobski, Sandra Chen

Sabryna Whitman, Holly Sullivan and Courtney Babcock, NESA student coordinators with John Balise, Faculty Advisor


UMASS hosted 2014 Northeast Regional Meeting

The UMass NESA students hosted the 2014 annual meeting and competition on Saturday, February 8, 2014.  The event was sponsored by  Farm Credit East, Purina Animal Nutrition, a division of Land O’Lakes, Inc. and Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition.  Students from the University of Maine, University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, University of Connecticut, University of Rhode Island, University of Delaware, University of Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers and Delaware Valley College participated.  Over 250 guests participated and found the event both educational and fun as it provided an opportunity for students from eleven universities interested in animal science and agriculture to share ideas and compete.

As the host school, UMass students assisted in coordinating and directing all the events but did not participate in the events. All awards were announced at the culminating banquet held in the Student Union Ball Room.