Equine Courses

K. AmaralANIMLSCI 236 and ANIMLSCI 256 - These courses cover scientifically-based principles of equine management including safe horse handling, daily stable operations, record keeping, nutrition, vaccination and deworming protocols, and breeding herd management.

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ANIMLSCI 397G - Therapeutic Riding - Students will learn about equine-assisted services, including equine-assisted therapy, equine-assisted learning, horsemanship, and interactive vaulting. This course will focus on the approaches and benefits of these services to individuals with intellectual, physical, sensory, and/or psychosocial disabilities across the lifespan. This course consists of both classroom-based learning as well as field experience at the UMass Hadley Farm. No horse experience is required, but students should be comfortable interacting with horses. Instructor consent required - Ashley Woodman, awoodman [at] umass [dot] edu

Adapted Horseback Riding – Undergraduate Specialization in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services (DDHS) (umass.edu)