Dorset Sheep Management Class

The Dorset Sheep Management class provides students with the opportunity to perform all the management activities that are required for the care of the UMass flock.  Students learn skills including: hoof trimming, vaccinating, parasite detection, pregnancy detection, lambing and neonatal care; make decisions regarding selection, breeding and culling, and learn to recognize signs of illness and appropriate types of treatments.  The class is directly supervised by the shepherd with involvement from the staff veterinarian.  Students have the opportunity to become teaching assistants and present short lectures on related subjects including: diseases, nutrition and lambing delivery; teaching assistants also help provide instruction and organize the classes and activities. Students working over the summer  participate in the rotational pasture and summer parasite management of the flock.

SheepThe UMass Dorset Sheep Group was started in the Fall of 2005 by a group of students interested in learning more about working with sheep.




When the sheep are sheared in the spring we save the best wool and have it woven into our popular, beautiful and soft throws and blankets. These blankets and throws are made locally, make great gifts, and are a true reflection of the enthusiasm our students have for all the animals at the farm. All proceeds help support the Livestock Program in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and The Center for Agriculture. 

EweMass Wool BlanketEweMass Wool Yarn

Sheep Products Order Form.  For more information contact Alice Newth at 413-545-6034.

Also available Ready-to-be-dyed Yarn. Some of our ewes are coated so that their fleeces remain very clean for handspinners. The fleece from these ewes is for sale after shearing in early May.


Prize winning vests knit with UMass yarn by Livestock Barn Manager, Alice Newth.


            Lizzy Tatro models sweater she made from UMass wool      back of Lizzy Tatro's sweater

Lizzy Tatro models the sweater she made from the yarn she spun from UMass sheep wool.  Lizzy added bamboo fibers to create a soft glow.

For more information on the UMass Dorset Sheep Group, please contact:

Alice Newth - Livestock Barn Manager
413-545-6034 newth [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu
or visit us at