Meet Our Does

UMass Boer Management currently owns 18 breeding females and has retained 6 doelings as future breeding stock. 

In an effort to improve our herd’s genetic diversity, the students have chosen to begin experimenting with Artificial Insemination (AI). The does who are artificially inseminated are our best producers, who have proven to be good moms and produce meaty, correct kids. Last year, we had one doe take to AI and give birth to a handsome buckling who was sold as a buck. This year, we artificially inseminated five of our best does, and are confident that two have taken. We are very excited to see what the spring kid crop brings!

Our herd has been part of the USDA Scrapie Eradication Program since 1997. We also proud to state that our herd is CL and CAE free.

We’d like to introduce you to some of our does:

Breeding Does:


UMass Aurora 115

Percentage: 97%
Date of birth: 2/21/11
Sire: RDTH
Dam: UMass Princess Shirley 620

Aurora is a smaller doe but has been known to throw very large, meaty kids.




Carolina 16

UMass Carolina 133

Percentage: 88%
Date of birth: 2/24/11
Sire: RDTH
Dam: UMass Montana 613

Carolina is a fantastic milk producer and did a great job this season fostering a buckling who grew to be a big, strong, handsome buck with her help.


Dorothy 2015

UMass Dorothy 204

Percentage: 94%
Date of birth: 2/24/12
Sire: KRG X530
Dam: UMass Galinda 812

One of our largest does, Dorothy is in control of most of the herd and isn’t afraid to show that she’s boss.





Bailey 2015

UMass Bailey 210

Percentage: 94%
Date of birth: 3/2/12
Sire: KRG X350
Dam: UMass Hanners 915

Bailey is a stout doe with a history of producing kids with high birth weights and great average daily gains. She loves having her neck and face scratched!


Lady Ella 2015


UMass Lady Ella 222

Percentage: 88%
Date of birth: 3/5/12
Sire: KRG X350
Dam: UMass Simone 922

Lady Ella is a great mom with a short stature.





Pocketful of Sunshine 2015


UMass Pocketful of Sunshine 302

Percentage: 88%
Date of birth: 2/8/13
Sire: NGB1 Ferdinand
Dam: UMass Dawn 607

Sunshine is a beautiful light colored doe who is on everyone’s sweet side. She has given great colors to our herd.



Vixie 2015

UMass Vixie 307

Percentage: 98.5%
Date of birth: 2/9/13
Sire: NGB1 Ferdinand
Dam: UMass Lady 005

Vixie is exceptionally smart and knows how to evade haltering quite nicely! She has a beautiful dark brown color that gives nice color variety to her offspring.




UMass Cali 312

Percentage: 88%
Date of birth: 2/11/13
Sire: NGB1 Ferdinand
Dam: UMass Montana 613

Cali is a good mom with interesting color. We like to say she resembles rocky road icecream because of her white swirl.





Papaya cr


UMass Papaya 313

Percentage: 100% (Fullblood)
Date of birth: 2/12/13
Sire: NGB1 Ferdinand
Dam: UMass Galia 814

Papaya was our first all-brown doe born on the farm. She is filled to the brim with personality!





Rosie - Guns n Roses


UMass Guns N’ Roses, “Rosie” 325

Percentage: 88%
Date of birth: 3/15/13
Sire: JRA1 Agnew’s Gunslinger
Dam: UMass Simone 922

Rosie was our first successful kid conceived through Artificial Insemination. She is one of our larges does and we hope to have kids from her through AI in the coming years.




Leliani 2015

UMass Leilani 431

Percentage: 88%
Date of birth: 2/25/14
Sire: Ringside Rebel
Dam: UMass Simone 922

Leilani likes her ears scratched like a dog! She is another of our kids conceived through AI and is the younger half sister to Rosie. Leilani is very tall and meaty just like Rosie!