Meet Our Doelings

Daquiri 602  UMass Daiquiri 602

Percentage: 97%

Date of Birth: 2/10/16

Sire: Fenway

Dam: UMass Bailey 210

Daiquiri grew very well as a kid and continues to amaze us with her growth. Although she has little color compared to the other 600s, she has some unique marks of white spots within the brown on her face.




Mango 605  UMass Mango 605

Percentage: 100%

Date of Birth: 2/13/16

Sire: Fenway

Dam: UMass Papaya 313

Mango was the first spotted kid we got in 2016! She is a real crowd pleaser and always has to be the center of attention.



Milky Way 608  UMass Milky Way 608

Percentage: 94%

Date of Birth: 2/14/16

Sire: Fenway

Dam: UMass Sunshine 302

Milky Way takes after her sire, Fenway, in her coloration and long legs. She even has a few patches that are so dark they are almost black!



Dakota 611  UMass Dakota 611

Percentage: 94%

Date of Birth: 2/16/16

Sire: Fenway

Dam: UMass Cali 312

Dakota is a very meaty doeling and is instantly recognizable by the white “belt” coloring she has around her barrel.



Lilac 617  UMass Lilac 617

Percentage: 94%

Date of Birth: 2/21/16

Sire: Fenway

Dam: UMass Rosie 325

Lilac always seems to be getting herself in funny situations like standing in the feeder. She takes after her quirky dam, Rosie.



Lavendar 621  UMass Lavender 621

Percentage: 94%

Date of Birth: 2/29/16

Sire: Fenway

Dam: UMass Lady Ella 222

Lavender is a very strong doeling just like her dam. Her long legs and broad chest make her a match for any of the other doelings when it comes to feeding time!