Boer Goat Management Class

students training to inject goat

Fall Semester

               During the fall semester goat management is offered Monday nights at 6pm. Students are carpooled by the student officers to the Hadley Farm where the officers present a lecture with a hands-on activity with the goats. Students learn basic management procedures such as hoof trimming, feeding rations, vaccinations, and basic medical care. Students will assist in the breeding of our 20 does.




Spring Semester

                During the spring our does are giving birth! Therefore the focus in the spring is teaching students management procedures and prenatal care for our pregnant does and their kids. Students will learn how to perform common neonatal procedures, assist in births, vaccinate kids, and assist in castration of bucklings who are sold for meat. Students will choose a doe to supervise. Once their doe gives birth the students will be given the privilege of naming the kid and will monitor their kid throughout the semester until the kids are weaned.