Boer Goat Management Class

The Boer Goat Management class is an experiential learning opportunity within the Veterinary & Animal Science Department. Students enrolled in this course develop practical skills pertaining to the daily management and welfare of the student-run UMass Boer Goat herd, including handling, feeding, vaccinating, breeding and assisting the herd veterinarian. In the Spring semester  students will have the opportunity to assist with the delivery of goat kids and will be responsible for charting their weekly growth for the remainder of the semester.

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In 1999 the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at UMass started a student-run experimental learning project, which incorporated all aspects of managing a small Boer goat herd. Goat Management started with 16 crossbreed does and one fullblood buck. Presently the herd consists of 20 breeding does and one fullblood buck, which are housed at the Hadley Livestock Center. The goal is to develop a purebred herd of Boer goats that can be merchandized as breeding stock.

Over the last few years, the Goat Management has evolved from an experimental project consisting of low percentage Boers to a primarily Purebred doe herd. Our foundation does were purchased from Cablecroft Farm, with subsequent bucks leased and purchased from various sources. 

As a result of continual improvement in the quality of our goats, the group has seen a steady increase in demand for our goats as slaughter kids, pets, show prospects, and breeding stock. All decisions and management are conducted by group consensus, with officers elected each year to maximize the progress and efficiency of the group.

Our current goal, as a group, is to improve the quality of our herd, by increasing percentage, improving structure and correctness and increasing the overall hardiness and feed efficiency of our goats.

Thank you for your support and we welcome any inquiries about our program and our animals.

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