Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Course

Artificial Insemination Certification (ANSCI 297B) is offered to 24 students during Spring Break each year.  Concepts and procedures of artificial insemination in both dairy and beef cows are taught in the classroom and through intensive off campus cow-side training. Successful completion of this class leads to  A.I. certification. This course is open to Animal Science and Pre-veterinary Science Seniors and Juniors only.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Amy Rubin, DVM
ajrubin [at] umass [dot] edu



50th Annual A.I. Class

Twenty-three VASCI students travelled to the Cargill Meat Solutions Processing Plant in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania from March 17 through 19, 2016 and earned Cattle Artificial Insemination Certification from Select Sire Power. Dr. Katie Beltaire and John Balise instructed and accompanied 23 students at the 50th annual Artificial Insemination Certification class. During this year’s class, there were 5 instructors for 23 students, which created a very low student-to-instructor ratio.   All 23 students were certified.  The A.I. class was initially held at the UMass Agronomy Farm in Deerfield and subsequently moved to Pennsylvania for increased access to cattle.