Animal Science Peer Mentoring

The Animal Science Peer Mentoring Group helps underclassmen in the Veterinary and Animal Science Department to network with upperclassmen and advises the underclassmen in a big brother/big sister type setting. The Peer Mentoring Group has helped students: find internships, schedule classes, get involved with various types of research, apply to vet school, apply for jobs and form long lasting friendships. The goal of the group is to pass on helpful tips to the underclassmen based on what students have learned along the way and to create a fellowship between all animal science students. Our overall goal is to make the UMass campus feel smaller and a little more like home. 

Each underclassman is matched up with an upperclassman that shares similar interests. Each mentor can have up to three mentees, but most only have one or two. This pairing gives the underclassmen a peer that the students can easily reach out to when they need advice or have any concerns.

peer mentors Fall 2014Meetings are held every other week and a variety of topics are covered including (but not limited to):

  • Study skills and note taking habits
  • Resume building guidance
  • How to get involved in research
  • Study Abroad options and experiences

Social activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Movie Nights
  • Group Dinners
  • Group activities –apple picking, pumpkin carving, hay rides and more!

All activities and meetings are designed to help form camaraderie within the department.

For further information, please contact Brooke Alnwick - balnwick [at] umass [dot] edu

or Faculty Advisor - John Balise - jbalise [at] vasci [dot] umass [dot] edu, 413-545-5568