Susan Marston

Susan Marston, Ph.D.


Office phone: 413-545-2641

Email: smarston [at] umass [dot] edu

Office location: 427Y ISB

Mailing address:

661 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003

Ph.D.: University of New Hampshire

Specialty: Dairy Nutrition and Management, Animal Welfare

Career and Internship Advisor

ANIML SCI 260 - Animal Care and Welfare

ANIML SCI 320 - Animal Business Management

ANIML SCI 233 - Boer Goat Management I

ANIML SCI 253 - Boer Goat Management II

ANIML SCI 392A - Seminar-Careers in Animal Science

ANIML SCI 191 - Animal Science RAP - Residential Acadmeic Program

Dairy Nutrition and Management
Animal Welfare
Career and Internship Advisor