Heregulin induces in vivo proliferation and differentiation of mammary epithelium into secretory lobuloalveoli.

TitleHeregulin induces in vivo proliferation and differentiation of mammary epithelium into secretory lobuloalveoli.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsJones FE, Jerry DJ, Guarino BC, Andrews GC, Stern DF
JournalCell Growth Differ
Date Published1996 Aug
KeywordsAnimals, Animals, Newborn, Caseins, Cell Differentiation, Cell Division, Epithelial Cells, Epithelium, Estradiol, Female, Glycoproteins, Immunohistochemistry, Mammary Glands, Animal, Mice, Mice, Inbred BALB C, Neuregulins, Progesterone, Transforming Growth Factor beta

Mammary gland development and differentiation is mediated through the combined activities of systemic hormones and locally synthesized growth factors. To determine the in vivo response of mammary epithelium to heregulin (HRG), we implanted Elvax pellets containing HRG alpha or HRG beta within the mammary glands of prepubescent female mice in the presence or absence of exogenous estradiol and progesterone (E/ P). Mice treated in the same way with transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-alpha) were included as a positive control. Each growth factor treatment induced epithelial ductal branching in the presence or absence of E/P. In the absence of E/P, HRG beta did not effect terminal end bud formation, mammary epitheilum branching, or ductal migration. In contrast, TGF-alpha and HRG alpha induced ductal branching and HRG alpha induced ductal migration in the absence of E/P. The overall mammary response to growth factors was potentiated by the concomitant presence of E/P. In every case, the in vivo mammary epithelial responses to HRG alpha were more robust than TGF-alpha. Limited lobuloalveolar development was also observed in growth factor-treated mammary glands when E/P was present. Histological examination of growth factor-induced lobuloalveoli revealed secretory products within the lumen of HRG alpha and HRG beta lobuloalveoli. TGF-alpha-induced lobuloalveoli lacked similar secretory products.

Alternate JournalCell Growth Differ.
PubMed ID8853899