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Veterinary Technology - New Major to be introduced in Spring 2020

The UMass Amherst Veterinary Technology program at the Amherst and Mt. Ida campuses trains future Veterinary Technologists by offering a science degree that offers depth in a basic science and veterinary medicine curriculum combined with a breadth of general education classes across disciplines.   Read more »

Early Acceptance to Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University has offered early acceptance to three Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department sophomore students: Jacquelyn Zinchuk, Anna De La Cruz, and Rachael O’Connell.   Read more »

2019 CNS Outstanding Staff Award Presented to Laura Looman

Laura Looman, VASCI financial manager has been recognized for her contributions to the department with the CNS Outstanding Staff Award.   Read more »

Spring Poultry Show

The VASCI Poultry Mangement Class held their Poultry Show on April 23. The Poultry Show represents the culmination of a semester’s worth of bird handling and training, in a show designed to test competency, comfortability and knowledge of poultry.   Read more »

“The Mysterious Death at 143K” “The Mysterious Death at 143K”

Agnes Cheong, ABBS PhD ‘21 collaborated with Samantha Gallagher, architecture major BFA ‘20 to create “The Mysterious Death at 143K” poster design representing Agnes’s research.   Read more »

2 year old Registered Hanoverian Gelding for sale

Dr. Weltklasse or “Dewey” priced at $500.00, for more information or to schedule an appointment to view the horse, please contact jrsmith [at] umass [dot] edu   Read more »

Science Day will be Thursday, May 2

VASCI undergraduates will present their research on Science Day. The day will include short oral presentations from students in the morning, followed by poster presentations by undergraduate students conducting independent studies projects with Departmental Faculty members in the afternoon. All VASCI students are welcome to attend.   Read more »

Director of Veterinary Technology Program - NTT

The Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences - VASCI at the University of Massachusetts Amherst invites applications to fill a non-tenure-track (Lecturer) position at the level of Director of a new Bachelor’s of Science - Veterinary Technology degree that will complement our nationally ranked Bachelor’s of Science - Pre-Veterinary Science and Bachelor’s of Science - Animal Science degree programs. Anticipated start date in 2019.   Read more »

VASCI Students Certified in AI

Twenty-four students traveled with Katie Beltaire and John Balise to Cargill Packing Plant in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania during the 2019 Spring Break to  learn the technique and become certified in Artificial Insemination for cattle.   Read more »

VASCI will be offering Two Online Classes this Summer

Wildlife Reproduction and Animal Cell & Molecular Biology will be offerd as online courses during the 2019 summer.   Read more »