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Another New Beltie Heifer!

Q: What do VASCI students do on a Saturday night? A: Deliver babies! Students assisted UMass veterinarian, Katie Beltaire with the delivery of a large heifer calf during the night of July 22. This was our oldest cow’s (Dori’s) eighth calving. We’re especially excited because this is Dori’s first heifer calf. The students named the calf UMass Darla.   Read more »

Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 2017 Scholarship Awards

The Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is pleased to announce the 2017 Scholarship Awards.   Read more »

Beltie Mother and Daughter give birth on the same day!

On June 20 Satin, our 11 year-old beltie, delivered a 55 pound heifer calf. Thirty minutes before her mom delivered, Satin’s 4 year-old daughter, Sadie, delivered a heifer calf. Both cows and calves are doing well.   Read more »

College of Natural Sciences – 2017-2018 Research Review Council

A select group of CNS accomplished scientists have volunteered to serve on the Research Review Council to both advise the college on research development initiatives, as well as to review preliminary proposals, as part of the CNS Research Review Program.   Read more »

Study: Wildlife managers should prioritize preventing brucellosis transmission from elk

The NATIONAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCES,ENGINEERING, AND MEDICINE 209-page report lays out various options to control brucellosis in cattle, bison and elk in Greater Yellowstone Area.   Read more »

Innovation Challenge Awards Star Sperm $20,000

StarSperm, developer of a proprietary medium that overcomes male infertility in vitro by improving sperm functionality, was second-place winner in the Innovation Challenge.   Read more »

Petersen Awarded Grant to Continue Study of Gene Linked to Alzheimer's, Other Disorders

Sandra Petersen, Ph.D. of the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department, recently received a two-year, $438,000 exploratory grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to further her studies of a little-known gene, CUG RNA-binding protein 2, which affects sex-specific development processes in the brain and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, neural cell death and reproductive disorders.   Read more »

Clark's article is among Journal’s Most Cited

An article by John M. Clark, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and colleagues in the May 2016 issue of Journal of Medical Entomology has been listed among the journal’s most cited for the year.   Read more »

Beltie Students Show at the Big East

Students in the Belted Galloway Management Class showed heifers, UMass Will-O-The-Wisp and UMass Scout, at the 2017 Big East held May 4-7.   Read more »

Commencement 2017

The Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Commencement Celebration will be Saturday, the Thirteenth of May 2017, 1:00  to 3:00 p.m in the First Floor Atrium of the Integrated Sciences Building.   Read more »