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Congratulations to the Baystate Livestock Classic Organizers and Participants

The 78th annual Baystate Livestock Classic was held Saturday, April 13, 2013.  Twenty-nine students participated in showing the animals they had trained and fitted.  Katherine Clarke was named Premiere Showman and Marcia Lee Renaud Reserve Showman.  This year’s event was coordinated by Mimi Wilk and Meg Gennings with faculty advisors, John Balise and Susan Marston.  Many thanks to our judges:  Morgan Horses: Ed Golembeski , Belted Galloways: Billy Clark, Boer Goats: Nick Turnberg, Dorset Sheep: Becky Peterson.   Read more »

VASCI students recognized at Northeast Regional Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology

Chelsea Marcho (grad student in the Mager lab) won second place for her  talk entitled  ” Defining mechanisms of imprinted expression at Igf2r/Airn during mouse gastrulation.”   Genevieve Abbruzzese (grad student in the Alfandari lab) won Honorable Mention for her talk entitled “ADAM13 is regulated by GSK3 and Polo-like kinase during cranial neural crest cell migration.”   Jesse Angelo (grad student in the Tremblay lab) won third place for her poster entitled “Identification of tissues required for dorsal pancreas induction.” .   Read more »

Livestock Classic2013 Livestock Classic

The 2013 Livestock Classic will be held Saturday, April 13, 2013 at Hadley Farm, 111 North Maple Street, Hadley, Massachusetts from 9:00 to 4:00 pm.   Read more »

"Characterization of the role of Testis-Specific Serine Kinase 1 (TSSK1) in human sperm capacitation"

Animal Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences Master’s Thesis Dissertation by Kay-Ellen Chicoine “Characterization of the role of Testis-Specific Serine Kinase 1 (TSSK1) in human sperm capacitation”   Ana Maria Salicioni, Ph.D., Chairperson Tuesday April 9th at 11.45 AM   Integrated Sciences Building Conference Room 427R     Read more »

Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Scholarship Applications Available

The Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences offers the following scholarships: Alvord Dairy Scholarship; Borton Scholarship; Brooks, Upton, Drew Scholarship; Colby Scholarship; Foley Scholarship; Nilsson Scholarship; Pirog Scholarship  and Rice Scholarship.  Applications are available at ISB 427Z or can be accessed below.  Please bring completed applications to 427Z Integrated Sciences Building  NO LATER than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 29, 2013. Make sure the application is complete with the typewritten letter attached. Decisions will be mailed to students in the early fall.     Read more »

How to Make an Embryo: In vivo Discovery towards In vitro Differentiation

The Institute of Celluar Engineering will host VASCI Professors Kimberly Tremblay and Jesse Mager, who will present their research on In vivo on Wednesday, April 3rd at 9 AM, in the Lederle Graduate Research Tower Room 1634.   Read more »

Undergraduate Summer Research Internship with the American Society of Andrology

The American Society of Andrology is looking for 4 undergraduate or community college students from underrepresented groups who have strong interests in science to participate in an 8-week paid summer research internship in a University of Pennsylvania andrology laboratory.   The summer internship will take place from June 10, 2013 to August 2, 2013. Application deadline: April 19, 2013   Read more »

Congratualtions to the UMass NESA Team

Congratulations to: Genevieve Carmichael ‘13, Sasha Santiago ‘15, Kendall Tinston ‘15, and Courtney Babcock ‘16, the  members of UMass Quiz Bowl Team D placed 8th out of 46 teams. In the Paper Presentations, Vicky Mello ‘15 placed 10th out of 46 student participants; In Livestock Judging - Courtney Babcock ‘16 placed 4th and Sabryna Whitman ‘16 placed 15 of the 184 students from nine universities from the northeastern United States who participated.   Read more »

Laura Acevedo with "Bossie"2013 Livestock Classic

The 2013 Livestock Classic will be held Saturday, April 13, 2013 at Hadley Farm, 111 North Maple Street, Hadley, Massachusetts      Read more »

Natural History Collections Summer Research Scholarship – 2013

Graduate and Undergraduate students conducting collections-based research under the mentorship of a UMass faculty member or a faculty member associated with a Interdisciplinary Life Sciences graduate program (i.e., OEB, PB, NSB, or MCB) are eligible to apply for The Natural History Collections Summer Research Scholarship.     Read more »