Radhika Goenka has research results published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine

One of Radhika’s microscopy images depicting BLyS producing T cells present in the germinal center was adapted for the cover of the magazine by the artist Emilie Clark and then selected for their 2014 T shirt.

Radhika Goenka conducted her doctoral research here at UMass with Professor Cynthia Baldwin. Goenka researched how the pathogen Brucella abortus establishes chronic infections and what immune responses are needed to control it.  She found that immune cells called B cells were promoting the establishment of chronic Brucellosis, in part by acting as a reservoir of infection. 

In 2008, she continued her post-doctoral training in immunology with Professor Michael Cancro at the University of Pennsylvania, investigating the interactions between immune cells that regulate antibody responses against foreign antigens and found a special group of Helper T cells produce a molecule called BLyS, which facilitates production of ‘good’ antibody from B cells. T cells provide BLyS to B cells in a specialized structure in lymph nodes called the germinal center. This research, titled “Local BLyS production by T follicular cells mediates retention of high affinity B cells during affinity maturation”  was published in Journal of Experimental Medicine in January 2014.