VASCI regrets the passing of Dr. Alan Schneyer

Dr. Schneyer is remembered by his colleagues as a terrific scientist, full of energy, and a caring person who had strong beliefs and was a great advocate for science.

Dr. Schneyer trained and had a productive career in reproductive endocrinology. The phenotype of a knockout mouse demonstrated a previously unrecognized role for follistatins and activins in control of pancreatic beta cell homeostasis and this allowed Dr. Schneyer to follow the science and focus his research on novel therapies for diabetes. He obtained grants from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation supporting his work. In 2014, Dr. Schneyer started Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in order to take his work forward to a viable therapeutic. Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was awarded a patent for their therapeutic just weeks ago. Fairbanks will continue with this research and will provide a valuable legacy to Dr. Schneyer’s work.

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