Exploring Veterinary Technology On-Line Pre-College Summer Program

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Session 1:July 13-17, 2020

•The Roles of Veterinary Technicians in the Field and Career Path Options
•Medical Terminology
•Animal Anatomy
•Understanding Animal Behavior

Session 2: July 20-24, 2020

•Breeds of Domestic Animal Species
•Common Companion Animal Diseases, Vaccination, and Prevention
•Parasites – Identification and Prevention
•Livestock Handling and Techniques
•X-Rays and Diagnostic Imaging

The Veterinary Technology Summer Pre-College program invites rising junior and senior high school students to discover various aspects of the Veterinary Technology profession and the role of the veterinary technician within the larger context of veterinary medicine and animal care.  During this five-day experience, students will work with faculty from the UMass Veterinary Technology Program and explore the veterinary profession from a veterinary technician’s perspective.

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