Poultry Show

Pinnie Sears, Hélène Cousin and Aiden McGrath served as the judges for the December 5, 2017 show.

Ribbons were awarded to Group 1: 1st place: Morgane Golan, 2nd place: Grace McBrien, 3rd place: Ryan Thurber

Group 2: 1st place: Michelle Milanov, 2nd place: Gwendolyn Johnston, 3rd place: Abby Cashel

Group 3: 1st place: Greg Hirsch, 2nd place: Gabrielle Green, 3rd place:Melanie Carcamo

A second round was set up with the 3 first places

The grand champion was Morgane Golan. Second place was Michelle Milanov and third place was Greg Hirsch.