Amherst Ranked 4th Safest College Town in US

Using the FBI’s most recent crime statistics from 2015, SafeWise calculated the total number of crimes committed in each American city with at least one accredited academic institution of higher learning. Those numbers were then weighted in relation to population numbers and other factors before relevant safety, security and community outreach programs were added to create the ranking.

As the report notes, “Home to Amherst College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Hampshire College, the city of Amherst is a community rooted in tradition. College life is an integral part of Amherst, and the campuses give back to the town through outreach programs.” Citing the efforts of local law enforcement, the reports adds, “Thanks to their conscientious efforts, the chances of falling victim to a violent crime in Amherst is less than two in 1,000, and the odds of experiencing a property crime are just over six in 1,000.”