Human Disorders of Cohesin

Human Disorders of Cohesin

Matt Deardorff M.D. Ph.D
UPenn, Children’s Hospital of Philiedelphia
Wed, 3/12/2014 - 4:00pm

221 Integrated Sciences Building

Matt obtained his MD/PhD at UPenn, focusing on Wnt signaling during frog development. He then did a residency in Pediatrics and a Genetics Fellowship at CHOP.

As an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Penn, his research has focused on understanding the genetic basis for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome-a developmental disorder that is characterized by slow growth, severe intellectual disability and skeletal abnormalities. He and his group discovered that this syndrome is caused by defects in members of the cohesin-complex and more recently has published a Nature paper uncovering a novel role for HDAC8 in this syndrome. Most recently his lab has shifted focus towards the study of imprinted diseases and chromatin modifiers while maintaining a clinical interest in patients with somatic growth and skeletal disorders.


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