Dogs as Support & Motivation for Physical Activity & Health

Dogs as Support & Motivation for Physical Activity & Health

Katie Becofsky, PhD
UMass Amherst
Wed, 10/3/2018 - 4:00pm

221 Integrated Sciences Building

Dr. Becofsky is interested in the two major aspects of exercise psychology: 1) getting people to adopt and maintain active lifestyles, and 2) studying the mental health and cognitive benefits of exercise and physical activity.

Since most people do not like to exercise or find it difficult to fit into their busy lives, my research involves promoting activities that people enjoy and/or deeply value and that get them moving as a ‘side-effect’. Dr. Becofsky is also very interested in the mental, social, and physical health benefits of the human-animal bond, and specifically studying the effects of pairing people with companion dogs.

Dr. Becofsky is interested in working with any and all populations, but particularly those with the most to gain in terms of preserving/improving cognitive function, reducing symptoms of anxiety or depression, and reducing feelings of social isolation or loneliness.


Refreshments at 3:45pm