ANIML SCI 496 - Independent Study

See departmental requirements for presenting your results; approval of the program and registration at Undergraduate Program Office, Integrated Sciences Building, required.  Can be taken for repeat credit.

Students wanting to undertake library research directed by a faculty member can develop proposals for academic credit under the Independent Study course numbers ANIML SCI 196, 296, 396, 496 and 596 or Honors course numbers HI196, HI296, H396, H496. An Independent Study Contract must be completed and signed prior to initiation of the project and before registration for the course is authorized.  This usually means that the contract is developed and signed either during pre-registration or during the add-drop periods.

Independent study is offered on a letter-graded basis only and should not be used as the vehicle for an internship (use 298) or practicum (use 298 or 398).  As a guide for determining the appropriate number of credits, the total commitment should be estimated and credits allotted at the rate of one credit for every 30-35 hours of effort.  Credits may vary from 1-6. Results are shared with the faculty and other students during the VASCI “Science Day” held on the Reading Day at the end of spring semester.  Independent Study Contracts are available outside 427Z in the Integrated Sciences Building and on line at the Veterinary & Animal Sciences web site. Some projects a student may wish to undertake could have both practicum and independent study components.  The student and faculty advisor might consider dividing the project and registering part as an independent study (ANIML SCI 196-596) and part as a practicum (ANIML SCI 298 or 398).  Students must bring completed contract to the VASCI Undergraduate Program Office 427Z to have this course added to their schedules.

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All Staff, by arrangement

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