ANIML SCI 385 - Biotechnology Laboratory

Students will receive practical experience in basic and advanced cell and molecular biology techniques used in biotechnology and research laboratories. The course will be divided in two modules. The first module, mammalian cell culture, will utilize two breast cancer cell lines to examine the role of DNA methylation in gene expression and ultimately disease. The second module will train students in the use of fluorescent microscopy to visualize organelles in living cells, in methods of protein purification and analysis, and in the use of luciferase reporter assays to measure transcriptional activity. In addition to providing students with modern biological laboratory skills, this course is designed to encourage students to think critically in the analysis of experimental results. Throughout the semester students will work in teams and will practice critical reasoning by trouble-shooting problems as they arise. Oral communication skills will be practiced by presenting progress reports and team presentations. Students also will practice careful note-taking and organization of laboratory reports.

Additional fees are associated with this class.

Course syllabus

Instructor(s) other: 

Dominique Alfandari

Semester(s) offered: 

ANIMLSCI 200 and ANIMLSCI 311 or equivalent