ANIML SCI 234 - Poultry Management I

Students will perform management activities that are required for the care of a group of poultry.  Day old chicks will arrive soon after the semester begins and students will be responsible for all daily care including:  feeding, cleaning, weekly weights, bird identification, moving the coops on pasture, record keeping, marketing and distributing the processed birds.  Students who are continuing with the class become officers/TAs and present short lectures on related subjects such as diseases and nutrition, help provide instruction and organize the classes and activities.

Note: Work with poultry poses health risks, including development of allergic reactions, and exposure to zoonotic diseases. To mitigate these risks, compliance with University and Farm Biosecurity Protocols is required as well as appropriate attire including gloves, coveralls, and washable rubber boots or steel-toe boots.



Semester(s) offered: 

Instructor Consent Required