ANIML SCI 233 - Boer Goat Management I

Boer Goat Management  (233 Fall, 2 credits) (253 Spring, 2 credits) Boer Goat Management is an experiential learning opportunity within the Veterinary & Animal Science Department. Students enrolled in this course develop practical skills pertaining to the daily management and welfare of the student-run UMass Boer Goat herd, including handling, feeding, vaccinating, breeding and assisting the herd veterinarian. In the Spring semester (253), students will have the opportunity to assist with the delivery of goat kids and will be responsible for charting their weekly growth for the remainder of the semester.

Note: Work with goats poses health risks, including development of allergic reactions, physical injury, and exposure to zoonotic diseases. To mitigate these risks, compliance with University and Farm Biosecurity Protocols is required as well as appropriate attire including coveralls, disinfected boots and gloves.


Instructor(s) other: 

Meghan Gennings

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Instructor Consent Required