ANIML SCI 232 - Belted Galloway Management I

This course provides exposure to the beef cattle production cycle and hands-on experience in all aspects of herd management. An emphasis is placed on understanding normal cattle behavior and practicing “sound stockmanship.” Work with cattle poses health risks, including development of allergic reactions, physical injury, and exposure to zoonotic diseases. To mitigate these risks, compliance with University and Farm Biosecurity Protocols is required as well as appropriate attire (including gloves, coveralls, and washable rubber boots or steel-toe boots).

Students will learn about the beef cattle production cycle and participate actively in all aspects of herd management, including: handling, vaccinating, deworming, breeding, calving, halter breaking, weaning, feeding, fitting, showing, marketing, and maintaining the health and welfare of the herd. Students will also have the opportunity to visit local beef farms and attend livestock shows.

Semester(s) offered: 

Instructor Consent Required