ANIML SCI 231 - Dorset Sheep Management I

Students will perform management activities that are required for the care of the UMass flock.  Students will learn skills such as hoof trimming, vaccinating, parasite detection, pregnancy detection, lambing and neonatal care; make decisions regarding selection, breeding and culling, and learn to recognize signs of illness and administer treatments.  The class is directly supervised by the shepherd with involvement from the staff veterinarian.  Students have the opportunity to become officers/TAs and present short lectures on related subjects such as: diseases, nutrition and lambing delivery, help provide instruction and organize the classes and activities.

Note: Work with sheep poses health risks, including development of allergic reactions, physical injury, and exposure to zoonotic diseases. To mitigate these risks, compliance with University and Farm Biosecurity Protocols is required as well as appropriate attire including coveralls, disinfected boots and gloves.


Instructor(s) other: 

Alice Newth

Semester(s) offered: 

Instructor Consent Required