Identification of novel oocyte and granulosa cell markers.

TitleIdentification of novel oocyte and granulosa cell markers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMalcuit C, Trask MC, Santiago L, Beaudoin E, Tremblay KD, Mager J
JournalGene expression patterns : GEP
Date Published2009 Sep
AbstractHere we present novel gene expression patterns in the ovary as part of an ongoing assessment of published micro-array data from mouse oocytes and embryos. We present the expression patterns of 13 genes that had been determined by micro-array to be expressed in the mature egg, but not during subsequent preimplantation development. In-situ hybridization of sectioned ovaries revealed that these genes were expressed in one of two distinct patterns: (1) oocyte-specific or (2) expressed in both the oocyte and surrounding granulosa cells. Despite the fact that micro-array data demonstrated expression in the egg, several of these genes are expressed at low levels in the oocyte, but strongly expressed in granulosa cells. Eleven of these genes have no reported function or expression during oogenesis, indicating that this approach is a necessary step towards functional annotation of the genome. Also of note is that while some of these gene products have been well characterized in other tissues and cell types, others are relatively unstudied in the literature. Our results provide novel gene expression information that may provide insights into the molecular mechanisms of follicular recruitment, oocyte maturation and ovulation and will direct further experimentation into the role these genes play during oogenesis.
Alternate JournalGene Expr. Patterns