Depletion of Suds3 reveals an essential role in early lineage specification.

TitleDepletion of Suds3 reveals an essential role in early lineage specification.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsZhang K, Dai X, Wallingford MC, Mager J
JournalDevelopmental biology
Date Published2012 Nov 1
AbstractPreimplantation development culminates with the emergence of three distinct populations: the inner cell mass, primitive endoderm and trophectoderm. Here, we define the mechanisms underlying the requirement of Suds3 in pre/peri-implantation development. Suds3 knockdown blastocysts exhibit a failure of both trophectoderm proliferation as well as a conspicuous lack of primitive endoderm. Expression of essential lineage factors Nanog, Sox2, Cdx2, Eomes, Elf5 and Sox17 are severely reduced in the absence of Suds3. Importantly, we document deficient FGF4/ERK signaling and show that exogenous FGF4 rescues primitive endoderm formation and trophectoderm proliferation in Suds3 knockdown blastocysts. We also show that Hdac1 knockdown reduces Sox2/FGF4/ERK signaling in blastocysts. Collectively, these data define a role for Suds3 in activation of FGF4/ERK signaling and determine an essential molecular role of Suds3/Sin3/HDAC complexes in lineage specification in vivo.
Alternate JournalDev. Biol.
PubMed ID23123966