Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Scholarship Applications Available

Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Scholarships

Alvord Dairy Scholarship
Scholarship established for students in an Animal Science major who have an interest in dairy farming/animal husbandry.  Applicant must not drink or smoke. Merit based.

Anthony Borton Equine Studies Scholarship Fund
Scholarship established to provide funds for undergraduate students in Stockbridge or another four year program with an interest in equine science.  Need and merit based.

Byron E. Colby Scholarship
Scholarship established for students in an Animal Science major who demonstrates both scholarship and need.  Merit based.

R. C. Foley Scholarship Fund
Scholarship awarded to a junior student who ranks in the top 20% of their class and demonstrates exceptional character and leadership.  Merit based.

J.D.W. French Fund
Scholarship established to provide the greatest good to students in dairying and its allies.  Need based.

Jay A. Pirog Scholarship
Annual award to an animal science major and a chemistry major (one each) who have a financial need and maintain a 3.2 GPA.

Richard E. & Isabelle M.  Nilsson Scholarship
Established to provide scholarship support to one or more undergraduate students fully matriculated in the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department. Need and merit based. Awarded in alternating years.

Victor A. Rice Scholarship
Scholarship and need are considered when making this award to students in an Animal Science major or Equine Industries.  Merit based.

Brooks, Upton, Drew Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship established to support one or more students in Equine studies. Open to Stockbridge and Animal Science majors. Need and merit based.

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