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Recent Graduates
Class of 2018, thirty-three of 78 or 42% of VASCI students graduating applied and were accepted into veterinary medical school (25) or graduate school (8). Cornell 2, UCDavis: 1, Iowa: 1, Lincoln: 1, Midwestern: 1, Minnesota: 1,Missouri: 1, Ohio: 3, Tufts: 10,  Virginia-Maryland: 1, Western: 1, Edinburgh: 1, St. George’s: 1. Eight students will be attending graduate programs.

News From the Farms

Cris Amanda quints April 17Dorset sheep are known to give birth to one, two or maybe three lambs at once. However, on April 7, one of the Hadley farm’s ewes easily delivered not three or four, but five healthy lambs!

Beltie Mother and Daughter give birth on the same day! On June 20 Satin, our 11 year-old beltie, delivered a 55 pound heifer calf. Thirty minutes before her mom delivered, Satin’s 4 year-old daughter, Sadie, delivered a heifer calf. Both cows and calves are doing well. On July 17 Martini gave birth to her first calf; Mimosa weighed in at 64 pounds with a beautiful belt. Students assisted UMass veterinarian, Katie Beltaire with the delivery of a large heifer calf during the night of July 22. This was our oldest cow’s (Dori’s) eighth calving. We’re especially excited because this is Dori’s first heifer calf. The students named the calf UMass Darla.


NESA 2017The UMass NESA Teams will travel to the University of Delaware February 22-24, 2019 and compete in the annual NESA competition.


Dairy Calf Management Class

Courtney BabcockWatch the video of VASCI students, Dr. Hulyer and Dr. Duby at Devine Farm.


Updates from Graduates

Introducing "Bay State Ophelia"

Introducing the newest Morgan horse at the UMass Hadley Farm, Bay State Ophelia!   Read more »

The Newest Addition at the UMass Hadley Farm

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest addition at the UMass Hadley Farm: a Hanoverian foal named “Stockbridge Sonnet UM” lovingly nicknamed “Levi”.   Read more »

Science Day will be Thursday, May 2

VASCI undergraduates will present their research on Science Day. The day will include short oral presentations from students in the morning, followed by poster presentations by undergraduate students conducting independent studies projects with Departmental Faculty members in the afternoon. All VASCI students are welcome to attend.   Read more »

2 year old Registered Hanoverian Gelding for sale

Dr. Weltklasse or “Dewey” priced at $500.00, for more information or to schedule an appointment to view the horse, please contact jrsmith [at] umass [dot] edu   Read more »

Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research Breast Research Registry now has over 1,000 participants

The D’Amour Center for Cancer Care recently announced that there are now more than 1,000 participants in the Breast Research Registry.   Read more »

Training Fellowship from the National Institute of Health

Darya Tourzani, PhD ’23 has been awarded a two year Training Fellowship through the Biotechnology Training Program of the National Institute of Health.   Read more »